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Richard Renner - The Man, The Myth, The Klown

Actor, Juggler, Orangutan, Poet and Fool all describe Richard Renner as performs his special brand of humor. Whether juggling, unicycling, ropewalking, or creating a zany improvisation, Richard performs with unbounded energy and skill.

After graduating from the University of Kansas in 1981 with a theater degree, he spent years and a small fortune studying with such teachers as Marcel Marceau - the French mime master, Yuri Belov - a famous Russian clown, and Avner the Eccentric - the famous New Vaudevillian. After a few years with the Kansas City based Mimewock Company, Richard struck out on his own as a company of one. That quickly grew as he discovered he had a lot of characters in his own head waiting to get out.

Since then he has gone onto perform in almost all the United States, the warmer parts of Canada and the prettiest parts of Mexico. The universal need for laughter makes it easy for him to perform for any audience. After meeting so many like minded performers he started the Vodvill Entertainment Company in 1988 to promote the variety arts in the Midwest. It is still going strong with a roster of over 100 differtent acts.

Richard is still learning and creating new acts, characters and moments to help him entertain everyone everywhere. What you see on this web site is the sum total of his creative work so far.
The secret to his success? Simple - don't quit.


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